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Celebrating 83 years, Elder Goldwire Mclendon Shares wisdom, exhortation and the need for obedience unto the Word of God during his interview with Lexis One Radio.

At an age when most octogenarians would already be settled into retirement or just taking life easy, Elder Goldwire McLendon is getting ready for his close up. Ascending to the #2 spot on Season 3 of BET "Sunday Best" Elder Goldwire Mclendon is a passionarte hymn singer who will breakout into a soft-shoe shuffle when the Spirit of God hits him. His new CD is filled with praise and worship songs.

Elder Goldwire Mclendon
"Jesus Be A Fence"





Tracy Randall, Grammy nominated songwriter, producer, singer, composer shares his testimony of the healing power, grace and mercy of the LORD. Tracy Randall shares his powerful testimony and journey of redemption with determination to glorify Gods sovereign love in this generation.

Dr. Gerald Higginbotham
Founder of Unity for a Better Community &

Captains Millionaire Club

Dr. Gerald shares powerful information regarding how to close the widening gap between rich and poor, the Godly meaning of "prosperity" and a powerful 90 day online course that will change your way
of thinking forever

Andrea Helms
Edifying interview with contestant on BET Sunday Best that expresses her testimony of being a PK (preachers kid), First Lady, and heartfelt worshipper
of Jesus Christ.

Walter B. Hoye, President and Founder
Issues4Life Foundation

An honest discussion regarding the history, and uncompromised Biblical truths regarding abortion.

Bernie Hayes is celebrating 57 years as a print and broadcast journalist, radio and television announcer, columnist and recording artist and record producer. Bernie Hayes discusses his recent article and
answers the questions
has the church lost its influence, and are clerics doing enough?


Dr. Michael Nuccitelli
An eye opening interview about the internet. Dr Nucc discusses his lifes mission to enlighten the community regarding what is an iPreditor is, and suggestions regarding privacy. Dr. Nuccitelli became a licensed psychologist in New York State He received the Certified Forensic Consultant designation from the American College of Forensic Examiners

Tammy Gagnon, Author -"No Longer Silent"
No Longer Silent is a story of victimhood
and recovery. Like all such stories, it is a powerful testiment of survival and forgiveness.


Vernon Foster
CEO, 5 Vision Productions

Legacy Videos

Pastor Kingsley
A Powerful Testimony of Evangelism in Africa.

Lew Marklin-Television Producer
and Host of TV show
"Icon News"

Vision Ra-Heru
has forged a remarkable career on his journey from poverty to a highly successful business entrepreneur.

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